What are you good at?

All of us have unique strengths and the moment we start nurturing them, life becomes pleasant and harmonious. Despite the fact that we all possess strengths, we rarely take the time to identify them. It's not as easy as asking what you're good at already. You need to examine the traits and motives that distinguish you from others in addition to your abilities and talents.

Your strengths, like determination, commitment, and courage, are what will get you through the journey. An athlete may have the natural ability to run faster, but it’s his mental toughness, that enables him to put in more hours of training than the competition. Here’s how you may define strength:

  • Any aspect of your personality or character, which can grow and expand when you exercise and challenge it
  • Something you enjoy doing and excel at, which also boosts your energy
  • Satisfies your personal need or any other objective
  • Attracts attention or praise from others

It’s a whole process that will allow you to understand how you can be most influential at what you do, and where you’ll need to improve if you want to be successful. It assists you in determining your greatest personal virtues and strengths.


Why is this exciting? A good character strengths test, for example, can help you figure out how to deal with stress better; identify your strengths for an interview; discover your purpose in life; realize what makes you exceptional; or explore your personality traits.

When you learn how to identify your strengths, you have a better chance of succeeding, as well as finding activities that create joy and meaning in your life. However, if you have spent your entire life working on improving your weaknesses, it is likely that you have difficulty recognizing and valuing your strengths. You might not even believe that you have any strength. So it’s time to stop getting disheartened, and start feeling empowered.

Taking the survey is also a great way to get to know yourself, learn how you relate to the world, and find fulfillment– knowledge that ultimately makes it easier to find happiness, meaning, and purpose over time.

1. Positive Perspective Knowledge of character strengths encourages optimistic attitude and positive outlook about your future.
2. Spiritual Connection Understanding character strengths enable you to interact skillfully with your preferred religious or spiritual views which are related to many character strengths.
3. A Pro-Active Personality People have been shown to achieve their goals more efficiently when they exercise their signature strengths. It increases self-awareness and empathy which also promotes meaningful connections and collaboration.
4. Self-motivation According to research, people are motivated by their innate talents, interests, and strengths. So practicing character strengths will fuel your talents, earnings and purposes.
5. Psychological Resilience Character strengths empower you with the ability to overcome hardships and strains of your journey in more adaptive manner

Virtues and Strengths

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